As a songwriter, how do I submit my song lyrics?
Please email hello@scripturallysound.com with song lyrics, and 3-10 related Bible scriptures related to your song. We will respond to your inquiry.

How can I be featured as a songwriter in a vlog interview or blog post?
Please contact hello@scripturallysound.com for requests to be featured.

Why are there only hymns and music from independent artists on the lyric pages?
Scripturally Sound is currently in its first phase as a start-up. That being said, we do not have the resources to get lyric licensing from major music publishers yet. However, we plan to launch a more robust website in the near future that will entail a plethora of worship and praise resources, including lyrics.

I love this ministry and concept. How can I get involved?
Please email hello@scripturallysound.com  and let us know if you would like to give your time, talent, and treasure (donations). We are looking to add to our staff, specifically individuals with backgrounds in technology, Christian music and theology.

What does a subscription entail?
For just $9.99 per month, you can:

  • search for songs using a scripture, Bible theme, song title and narrow down songs by tempo, genre or date.

What’s a Song-Study™?
Want to study the Bible in a creative way that involves scripturally sound praise and worship music? A Song-Study™ is a lyric-inspired Bible study that allows a user to listen to a song, read a devotional, related Bible scriptures and thought provoking questions. Remain engaged with God and never let your Bible reading and time with Him get dull! Scripturally Sound marries Christian education and music in an stimulating experience that we call “edu-worship.” Like “edu-tainment,” a play on the merge of education and entertainment, music is used as a memory tool to enhance Bible knowledge. This memory technique is anything but new–just think about how you learned the alphabet or the reasoning behind commercial jingles. Is it any wonder that worshiping God through music is extensively mentioned in the Bible? Worship and praise music helps our minds to be fertile to receive His Word.

OK, I’m Interested. What does a Song-Study™ look like?
A Song-Study™ is a downloadable PDF comprised of 5-7 songs that share a similar theme, commentary and thought-provoking questions. Song titles are hyperlinked to the singer’s official YouTube song video or location on Spotify (music and video streaming service). On day one of the series, you listen to the song (click on the hyperlink or underlined title), and subsequently read the devotional and related Bible passages. Next, you read the “Things to Think About” section, which includes questions or notes that foster self inspection and dialogue with God. You can also expand your reading of the cited scriptures to get context of what was taking place in that particular passage. The remaining days of the Song-Study™ feature the songs, related scriptures and thought provoking questions.

Let’s Do This. Sign Me Up!
Join today and learn scriptures behind songs by Fred Hammond, Kari Jobe, Cece Winans, David Crowder and more!

What’s in Store for Scripturally Sound?

We are in phase one of our start-up to be a trusted Christian worship and education resource. We are expanding our database to be  more robust database as we partner with other entities that will help us achieve our goals. Stay tuned for a crowd funding campaign to fund these initiatives in the near future.